Glory – A story for Computer Gamers

Originally written in 2005 and inspired by a simple computer game, gamers of a certain age and disposition will  no doubt spot its origins. Are you in the know?

I’m alone now. I’m possibly the only one left. My scanner shows no friendlies in range at all. I know there’s at least three left, and one of them has got to be carrying. It’s up to me. Crouched behind the crates, I pause to reload and take a drag of my cigarette. Some of the ash trickles down my front as I inhale and I replace it in the overflowing ashtray – I’ll need both hands and a clear vision to move forward.

I check my weapon, the Bullpup is loaded and a quick view through zoomed lens over the bridge reveals nothing. Silence. No radio chatter, just a soft hiss of the falling rain. Their target is no more than a few seconds sprint, but without a positive sighting it may as well be miles away. With a tense sigh, I stand up and sprint towards the stone room on the other side of the bridge. Continue reading “Glory – A story for Computer Gamers”

Possibly the most powerful seatbelt ad ever?

If you haven’t seen this you’ve got to do so, especially if you sometimes don’t wear your seat belt because ‘it’s a short journey’ or ‘there aren’t any cops about’ (insert own believable and fully self-justified excuse here). No blood, no gore, just three people in a front room with no dialogue and visuals so powerful, it’ll move you unless you’re some kind of emotional freak. Of course, it may be because I’m pretty much the age of the guy in the ad with a young family that it’s particularly effective to me, but judging by the youtube comments, this seems to reach pretty much anyone. Check it out, and make sure you watch it with good sound and totally focus on it for maximum effect. Oustanding film making.

Here’s the main site link:

Alternatively, here’s the youtube link with comments:

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What is a Quark anyway?

Originally published in June 2013, this blog was transferred over from the now defunct ‘’ site before it’s closure in 2019. The cafes were originally called ‘Quarks’ but were later rebranded to ‘Quantum’ when the name was sold with the Guildford branch in 2014.

One of the things we are asked most is where our name came from. The formal definitions and history are shown below, but the idea was that since a quark is compenent of all matter, it’s a quantum version of what we represent in the real world. In other words, we, as a physical premises, are a gateway to the rest of the world via the internet. We are a mere component of something far greater. Deep isn’t it? There’s that and the fact we thought it was really snazzy sounding.

Here’s the formal definition: Continue reading “What is a Quark anyway?”