“I intend to live forever. Or die trying.” – Groucho Marx

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So, you may have noticed that this site is now very out of date. Well, everything moves with the times, right? By all means bookmark it for links if you like, but the site itself is no longer updated, although I have reserved the URL because, well, why wouldn’t I?

This is because I have moved all my articles (now well over 500!) to my Medium site which you can access here.

If you’re not a paying member of Medium, you can always follow my Twitter here as I tend to post free links to the big articles from time to time, and if you’d like to see what interviews I’ve been doing for the press recently, or what I’ve been publishing via main stream media, you can click here for the latest coverage.

If you want to get in touch, please do. My DMs and email are always open, don’t be shy!


April 2022

The original blurb, left in place for nostalgic reasons!

So, the old blog that’s been around since 2009 has been tidied and refreshed for 2018. I’ve even added a moody hero shot as the main cover which is all the rage, so the millennials tell me. Unless they’re playing with me. But, in any case, the same rules apply. Some pieces are personal experiences, some are observations, some are factual, some utterly made up, some ridiculous, but all, to some degree, interesting.

Of course, ‘interesting’ is a subjective concept, but since this is MY blog, I hope you’ll forgive me for using my own definition as the basis of inclusion. And even if you don’t, it still will be.

This Blog is dedicated to everyone who has influenced my life in any way, since without you, I’d be someone different. So, select the category you’d like to browse from the menu at the top and enjoy!


The small print: It goes without saying that everything here, unless otherwise specified, is covered by copyright. I have no objection to you referring to or using parts of work as long as a credit and/or a link back to the source material is made. Otherwise my minion army will be sent to destroy you. And you won’t like it.

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